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Performance, Design, Technology

We are proud to present the new Beam pro series. A technological milestone in photodynamic therapy.

Each unit is equipped with 78 high-performance LEDs. In addition to greatly reducing energy consumption, these LEDs are extremely reliable and provide a extended operating life of over 10,000 service hours. This amounts to more than 65,000 treatments! The large irradiation area of ​​177x120mm allows the treatment of large lesions in a single session. With an all new flexible device arm, the treatment head can be brought into every desired position. A large touch screen allows for easy and intuitive operation. In addition to cutting-edge technology several new innovative treatment modes were developed to activly reduce the patient’s discomfort. The soft-start feature allows to gradually ramp up the energy output to the pain threshold of the patient. This stylish and compact device with its exclusive premium design fits seamlessly into every practice. All in all, the Beam pro Series is simply the most technologically advanced photodynamic therapy unit available. Learn more about the Beam pro series on the product page.


24. July 2015