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MEDlight at the 24th EADV Congress

We showcased our latest developments at the 24th congress of the European Academy of Dermatology in Copenhagen, the largest European conference of Dermatology.

  • Preview of the Red Beam TRI
  • Patient Comfort for PDT

The new prototype of the upcoming Red Beam TRI became a special highlight of the trade show. A new adjustable irradiation head is designed to match the shape of the body. This allows for the precise treatment of complex body parts. In a few months the Red Beam TRI will be available to the public.

A challenge has been managing the patient’s discomfort during PDT treatments. The unique “soft start” and “pulsation” features of the Beam PRO series significantly improve the patient’s comfort. Each treatment can be suited to each patient’s requirements.

Visitors from around the world met our latest developments with great enthusiasm. As an established company with more than 50 years of experience in medical light therapy, we are proud to also be a pioneer of phototherapy.

We are looking forward welcoming you to next year’s 25th EADV Congress in Vienna, Austria.


6. October 2015