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The variety is in the Detail. The treatment chair is the perfect addition for our TrevioLux.

Treatment Chair


  • highest flexibility for ergonomic work
  • four powerful engines
  • multifunctional armrests
  • built in roller assembly
  • multifunctional head- and foot section
  • extra head cushion
  • effortless maneuvering

Treatment Chair

highest comfort

Comfort for the patient, aswell as a pleasant working for practitoner

thoughtful design

unlimited possibilities and fast adjustment with four powerful engines. Perfect for any use in dermatology.

safe investment

The timeless design, combined with the highest quality materials, guarantees a long-term and future proof investment.

high quality and comfortable

The MEDlight treatment chair offers ergonomical work from all sides while the patient feels good in the comfortable cushion. The harmonius, functional and timeless design, combined with the highest quality materials, guarantees a long-term and future proof investment.

Four electric drives bring the couch area effortless into the right position.
Multifunctional armrsests and individual adjustable head and foot sections adapt perfect to the needs of the patient.

• powerful low-voltage drives for reliable adjustment
• moisture protection to IPX4
• clearly structured and fiel proven operating element
• stable ball guide
• covering and cushion resistant to common cleanning agents and disinfectants
• revolving armrests give a secure and comfortable feeling in every position
-headrest included

Treatment Chair with TREVIOLux


  • deliverable in different colors against extra charge



format and weight
length: 1820 – 2095 mm
545 mm (couch area)
745 mm (with armsrests)
max weight: 175 kg
weight  chair: ~ 65 Kg
supply voltage
230 V – 50/60 Hz
max. power input
100 VA

treatment area

in practise or clinic

scope of delivery

Treatment Chair
manual control element
head cushion

MEDlight Service

Customer orientation is often underdeveloped in the medical industry. We want to play our part in changing this. Our clients are treated the way they expect to be treated: in an uncomplicated manner and always on equal footing. You can rely on our team to be just a phone call away, ready to respond to your needs.

For more information, please contact our Service Team at +49 5221 994 29 0 or info@MEDlight.eu

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