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Lichttherapie von MEDlight aus Herford

Our Company Culture

For over 50 years MEDlight has applied its industry leading experience in medical light technology to innovative treatment solutions. Our broad product portfolio is unmatched in scope and quality. This enables us to cover the needs for a great variety of indications and treatment scenarios. Effectiveness and safety are the core principles to our product development, while always putting special attention to ergonomics and ease of use. We turn even the most complex tasks into easyto-
use, practical solutions.

In 1957 in Herford, Gerhard Saalmann laid the foundation of what would later become MEDlight. Today we carry out the vision of a company that plays its own role in shaping the healthcare industry. We believe that our success is based on our four interdependent principles.


Above all “natürlich gesund” is the heart of our philosophy. Each product in the MEDlight portfolio has been conceived to contribute to the attainment of the primary objective: well-being. We aspire to apply that idea to every aspect of our work. This human centred approach is our contribution to lasting improvements in the medical industry. We utilise modern technology to use proven natural processes to the fullest potential. A balanced philosophy between tradition and innovation. That‘s why “natürlich gesund” combines the best of both worlds.


MEDlight has grown from a small family business into an industry leading expert. We are proud to look back on over 50 years of corporate history, shaped by pioneering milestones. These have made MEDlight what we are today: a specialist that thoroughly understands the ABCs of quality, service and innovation. From the very beginning, MEDlight has been positioned as the leading specialist for safe and non-invasive treatments. Progress has a long tradition for us. That’s an edge MEDlight maintains due to state-of-the-art production processes and technology. But we don‘t forget the dedication that got us where we are today and guides us where we will go tomorrow.


Smart design: those two words best express the driving force behind our innovation process. Our culture of continuous innovation identifies challenges and then successfully designs solutions that take a valuable position in the market – that is, they uniquely meet the needs and demands of patients and physicians at a price that is considered worth investing in. The latest Beam pro series show the great efforts that go into our design process – never before have PDT devices been so efficient and convenient at the same time.


Customer orientation is often underdeveloped in the medical industry. We want to play our part in changing this. Every customer is different, with different needs – and just like in any relationship the key to success lies in the communication. We treat our clients the way they expect to be treated: in an uncomplicated manner and always on equal footing. We always work our hardest to resolve issues, advise, coach and assist our clients throughout the life cycle of our products. At the end of the day our excellent product development is the result of our close dialogue with our clients.