The WOOD'S LAMP is a diagnostic device, that enables the detection of fluorescence in skin for diagnosing inconspicuous lesions and pigment changes.

The black light source allows quick and easy examination of the skin. The UVA light source (365 nm) can be used to visualize actinic keratoses, superficial and solid basal cell carcinomas. It is an excellent tool when used in connection with PDT therapy.

The robust design and powerful LED light source guarantee a great durability. The removable attachment enables simple, thorough and quick cleaning.

  • Battery operated for portability and convenience
  • Precision magnifying lens for detailed close-up inspections
  • Smartphone holder for image capture during examination
  • Glare shield and black drapes block out ambient light, creating an optimal viewing environment
Technical Details
Spectrum UVA
Voltage 100V - 230V, 50HZ / 60HZ
Power consumption 28VA
Package Contents Main unit, glare protection, screen hood, charger, battery, cleaning cloth, smartphone holder, user manual

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