Modern, lightweight, professional safety eyewear with adjustable temples, side shields and nose pads

The "UV Pulse Protect 700 PSA/PPE Ultralight" is a modern, lightweight, and professional protective eyewear that meets the highest safety standards. Certified according to EN166:2001, EN170:2002, and ISO 12609-1:2013/prEN ISO12609:2019, it offers optimal eye protection for professional applications. Weighing less than 30 grams, it reduces fatigue and meets optical class 1 for demanding continuous use. The glasses provide UV filtering, recognition of signal lights, and protection against high-speed particles. Ideal for use in laboratories, cosmetics trades, crafts, medicine, and more.

This safety eyewear is considered Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for both professional and personal use. The UV Pulse Protect 700 PSA/PPE Ultralight (professional) safety eyewear also features improved color recognition.

Recommended safety glasses for:


Examples of applications or areas of use:

UVA, UVB, partially UVC, light therapy devices, laboratory, IPL, trade, medical sector, cosmetic hair removal / cosmetic epilation, ILS range 250 - 3000 nm, UV wavelength range 210 - 650 nm, MEDlight certified medical products, outdoor use, indoor use, the so-called visible red light has been tested and approved according to the mentioned wavelengths (DIN EN170 wavelength range 210 - 650 nm and the ILS range 250 - 3000 nm).

These glasses offer protection for a wide range of technologies, from light emitting diodes, LEDs to fluorescent tubes. The protective scope of the eyewear is unrelated to the emitting light source. The glasses protect within the approved and certified standards.

Note: We are not permitted to make statements regarding the safety of safety eyewear for a specific application with third-party equipment. Compatibility of the eyewear is determined by the device manufacturer's instructions for use and the safety ratings specified by the manufacturer. It is the user's responsibility to ensure the suitability of the safety eyewear for the respective equipment and application.

The following specifications are met and passed:

  • Optical Class 1
  • UV filter effect
  • Recognition of signal lights (C)
  • IPL protection effect
  • Protection against high-speed particles, low-energy impact (F)

The basic requirements according to Annex II of the PPE regulation (EU) 2016/425 with the following test characteristics have been tested, confirmed and passed:

  • EN 166 : 2001
  • EN 170 : 2002
  • ISO 12609-1 : 2013
  • prEN ISO12609:2019
  • Protection against high speed particles, low energy impact (F)

Scope of delivery:

  • FSC certified cardboard box
  • Including certificate information on the box & in the manual
  • UV Pulse Protect 700 PSA/PPE Ultralight safety spectacles
  • Multilingual manual

Note:The instructions for use are on the packaging and in the instructions for use. The manufacturer provides direct product support. The necessary information can be found on the outer packaging of the product.

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The UV Pulse Protect 700 PSA/PPE Ultralight safety eyewear meets all EU-wide safety and health standards through CE certification & official testing according to DIN EN 166, DIN EN 170, ISO 12609-1 & prEN ISO12609.

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This professional safety eyewear ensures the safety of your eyes when working with UV/LED/Laser light, light therapy devices, laboratory applications, IPL, crafts and medical procedures. It is also suitable for cosmetic hair removal and indoor and outdoor use.

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For over 60 years, MEDlight has been researching and developing innovative products in the field of medical light therapy in Germany - safety & effectiveness are paramount.

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The lenses are stable and offer protection from all sides. In medicine, it is also used as personal protective eyewear.

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The adjustable frame length and light weight (less than 30 grams) allow for a personalized fit. The eyewear remains secure and comfortable even during extended activities.

Product Features
Product Type
Protective Eyewear
Classification as Personal Protective Equipment
yes (PPE)
Temple Length Adjustment
MEDlight GmbH
Manufacturer Number
10550 - V 6610.971982
CE Certification
EN Standard
EN166, EN170, ISO 12609-1
under 30g (ultralight)
Lens Color
Black / Gray
Lens Protection & Coating
UV protection
Side Protection
Nose Pads
Diopter Range
no diopter compensation
Darkening filter
Optical Class 1
Protection against high-speed particles
Protection against low-energy impact(F)
Detection of signal lights (C)
Reduces fatigue
UV filter effect
UV protection (UVA, UVB, partly UVC)
Protects against red light
partly, see specifications
Suitable for IPL treatments
Improved color recognition
Testing and certification body
Germany (ECS GmbH (04/2021; Aalen)

The tests & validations were carried out by "ECS GmbH - European Certification Service for Eye Protection and Personal Protective Equipment as well as Laser Protection and Optical Metrology". ECS GmbH (14/04/2021; Aalen); Test number/test report: 1013-ECS-21/MR10131-ECS-21 / The certificate number is: C3292.1ML

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