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MED Tester mini

MED-Tester Mini

Ease of use paired with reliable results turn this device into an indispensable aid for professional phototesting.

MED Tester mini


  • Narrowband UVB or UVA
  • Short exposure times
  • Special screening with standardized graduations
  • Simple and safe use
  • Small and handy device

MED Tester mini

The compact MED testing device

The ease of use and interpretation of the results turn this device into an indispensable aid for photo testing. The MED-Tester Mini is available with narrowband or broadband UVB.

The under forearm, back, or buttock are suitable areas for testing, as these are areas not normally exposed to UV from the sun. The exposure occurs  in minutes, depending on the UV source.

The optimum starting dose for a UV treatment can be evaluated 16-24 hours later, forming a reliable and safe basis for the phototherapy treatment protocol.

The human skin changes its photosensitivity along with the season and the physiological state of the body system. Therefore, it is recommended to check the photosensitivity before planning a therapy.

 When using the MED-Tester Mini, the practitioner is able to accurately determine the maximum initial dose for a given patient, thereby reducing the total accumulated dose whilst optimising the therapeutic result.

MED Tester mini

Available Options:
UVA, UVB Narrowband (311 nm)

Delivery Contents:
1x Phototherapy device
1x Comb attachment
1x Goggle
1x User manual
1x Certificate



Dimensions and Weight
Height: 317 mm
Width: 52 mm
Depth: 48 mm
Weight: 0.46 Kg + 0.72 Kg power supply unit
Power Supply
230 V / 50 Hz
Power Consumption
50 VA


Narrowband or broadband UVB to determine the MED (minimal erythema dose) and UVA to determine the MPD (minimum phototoxic dose).


MINI attachment (80501)
Patient Goggles (80100)
Personnel Safety Goggles (80200)
UV Tube, 9 W – UVA (82202)
UV Tube, 9 W – UVB Narrowband (40520)

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